Truphone announces Apple iPhone VoIP demonstration

September 26, 2007

Truphone has announced that it will demonstrate viable VoIP service integration with the Apple iPhone today.

According to a statement by Truphone CEO James Tagg, he will make a demonstration of a Voice over Internet Protocol over Wi-Fi phone call in front of a live audience of 350 people at DEMOfall 07 in San Diego.

Truphone also stated that it will demonstrate an application that integrates its call services with the social site Facebook, allowing users to make free calls between each other directly on the site via Truphone.

It comes among a small range of specialised demonstrations that Truphone intends to perform, including:

- VoIP on the Apple iPhone (SIP-SIP, SIP-Phone, Phone-SIP)
- VoIP from Facebook (to SIP and to PSTN)
- and, as an encore, Facebook-iPhone using SIP

The move comes as different companies aim to fill the gap in VoIP applications for popular handsets, as well as continued interest by a wide range of companies in integrating their own services with social sites, such as Facebook.


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