Samsung SGH-E250 breaks 10 million barrier

Janet Harris

October 16, 2007

Samsung SGH-E250 breaks 10 million barrier
Samsung’s SGH-E250 has become the fastest Korean phone to reach the 10 million sold mark.

The low-cost phone, which was unveiled in November 2006, rapidly sold 7.9 million units in the first half of the year, and broke the 10 million target in October 2007.

It took the record away from another Samsung phone, the E-700 or Benz phone, which passed the 10 million mark in 14 months.

The E-250 is the fifth Korean phone to sell more than 10 million units, joining the Samsung T100 and D500 and LG Electronics’ Chocolate.

The E-250 was designed to meet a demand for low-cost phones in emerging economies in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, China and Central America.

It features a camera, MP3 player, video recorder, external memory slot and FM radio and sells for around $120.


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