VegaStream allows 999 calls with VoIP

October 17, 2007

VegaStream has released a new version of its VoIP Gateway product, which allows 999 calls to be made over VoIP lines.

The product follows research from communications regulator, Ofcom, which found that 46 per cent of household VoIP lines are unable to make emergency 999 calls, and 78 per cent of VoIP users were unaware that they would not be able to call the emergency services with the 999 number.

Ofcom has published proposals to make it compulsory for 999 to be accessible via VoIP.

When the 999 number is called, the emergency services are immediately notified of the caller’s location. This presents a problem with VoIP, as the service does not provide this information.

VegaStream’s new system overcomes this problem by immediately routing a 999 call through a standard PSTN instead of the VoIP network.

An added advantage is that the system will also switch to PSTN if a broadband connection fails, making the VoIP network more resilient.

The cost of the product depends on the number of VoIP lines supported. It is available for around £275 for 120 lines.


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