Hymini charger uses sun, wind, AC, or USB

October 18, 2007

Miniwiz has launched Hymini, an innovative, handheld, universal charger that uses wind and solar power to charge 5V digital devices, such as mobile phone, MP3s and cameras.

Any breeze above 9mph will charge Hymini’s internal Li-ion battery. The energy stored in the battery can then be used to recharge any 5v device. Twenty minutes of wind power will charge an iPod for 30 minutes.

The Hymini can also be plugged into the mains, or charged via USB, providing an emergency charger for electronic gadgets.

Hymini also features an add-on solar panel. Up to four panels can be connected to charge the base unit.

The Hymini base unit includes a USB adapter, a wall-plug adapter and a table top holder.

Hymini is available from www.hymini.com


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