New Nokia distribution channel for Vyke’s VoIP service

October 18, 2007

Nokia Corporation has signed a global agreement to distribute the VoIP service of Vyke AS, Mobile IP. Under the terms of the agreement, Vyke has licensed Nokia to distribute the mobile handset software component of the Vyke Mobile IP service.

New users acquired by way of the Nokia on-device content portal, Download!, will automatically be directed to Vyke's end-user communications portal, Accounts will be created simply within the Vyke system.

New users signing up for Vyke's Mobile IP service through Nokia Download! will be awarded $1 of free Vyke calling credit.

As calling North America and Western European fixed lines is charged at only ¢4 per call, the equivalent of two pence, with no per minute charges, Vyke's introductory offer potentially provides tens of hours of free international calling from the mobile phone.

Nokia and Vyke have identified selected European markets for the initial launch of the distribution channel made available under the agreement.

The agreement is considered to be a great step forward for Vyke and its shareholders as it provides a significant new distribution channel. Elements of Vyke's Mobile IP service were originally developed in co-operation with Forum Nokia PRO.


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