SanDisk announces USB TV download service

October 22, 2007

SanDisk has announced TakeTV, a video download service which uses a new video platform called Fanfare. Sansa TakeTV comes as either a 4GB or 8GB USB flash drive.

Users can download DivX, Xvid and Mpeg4 files from a computer to the device. TakeTV then plugs into a dock with TV outputs and the files are transferred for viewing on the television, with up to 720 x 576 resolution. There is no HD support as yet.

TakeTV also has a remote control, which is compatible with the Fanfare website. Fanfare, which is still in beta, provides authorised access to classic TV shows and movies.

Content is available from CBS, Jaman, Showtime, Smithsonian Networks, The Weather Channel and TV Guide Broadband. Available shows include CSI, Survivor China, Dexter, and Sleeper Cell.

Some downloads are ad funded and are available for download for free, while others can be downloaded for a fee.

SanDisk has launched TakeTV as part of its licensing deal with DivX. The 8GB version is available for £75 and the 4GB model for £50.


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