Gelmec announces anti-vibration mount for CCTV cameras

Jan Harris

October 23, 2007

Gelmec of Australia has released an anti-vibration mount that solves the problem of image blur or distorted audio recordings, caused by motor vibrations.

Vibrations from the motor which rotates CCTV cameras can adversely affect performance.

Gelmec has provided an effective solution to this problem with its high damping vibration mount, which fixes to the motor housing to isolate the motor from the camera at critical points, significantly reducing vibration.

The vibration mount is designed to withstand temperature extremes and difficult environmental conditions.

The product is manufactured from high damping thermoplastics and is available with specially designed fixing bolts that suit a M3 or UNC 6-32 fixing.

The mount allows a camera to rotate without vibration, eliminating blurred images in all weather conditions.


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