IPCameraSupply.com launched by leading US retailer

November 1, 2007

A leading Internet retail of VoIP hardware in the US, VoIP Supply, has launched IPCameraSupply.com, an internet retailer of IP/CCTV surveillance and recording hardware including IP cameras, digital video recorders, network video recorders, and CCTV systems.

IPCameraSupply.com is VoIP Supply's first entrance into the IP/CCTV surveillance and recording marketplace and the third Internet retailer it has launched over the past three years.

The company will work towards making IPCameraSupply.com the leading Internet retailer for IP/CCTV surveillance and recording related products. It plans to leverage its experience, operational efficiency and technical know-how with IPCameraSupply.com to help businesses with their surveillance, monitoring and recording needs.

IPCameraSupply.com features products from industry leading manufacturers such as 4XEM, Axis using its core principles used to propel VoIP Supply to the industry leading position it currently holds.

The company recognises that CCTV, as an analog, legacy ecosystem for surveillance, monitoring and recording, is on the same evolutionary path to IP that is currently being seen in telephony. Users are migrating from proprietary, hardware-based platforms to more open and flexible IP software based platforms.

At the same time, the industry is enduring the same challenges in terms of protocol standardisation and product interoperability. VoIP Supply is accustomed to operating within a marketplace that is in a constant state of movement.


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