USB CopyNotify! monitors USB drive usage

November 13, 2007

Korea-based CygNET Systems Pvt. Ltd has launched USB CopyNotify!, network security software which monitors the use of USB drives on a network.

The software raises an alert when a portable USB storage device is used on any computer on a network, helping to prevent the unauthorised copying of confidential data to a USB drive, or the introduction of unauthorised programmes.

The software also monitors data copy operations on USB drives and generates a log entry of any files that are copied. It also warns if the CopyNotify! programme is shut down, or uninstalled.

The CopyNotify software is simple to install. The Server part of the programme is installed on the computer which will receive alerts and notifications generated by the software, while the Client part of the programme is installed on all the computers to be monitored.

USB CopyNotify! v. 1.3 is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/2003/and Vista. A free trial version is available which will monitor up to three computers on the network.


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