Tiscali losing IPTV customers

November 30, 2007

The ISP Tiscali who are based in Italy have been losing subscribers for their IPTV service Home Choice, they currently have 36,000 subscribers, but just over a year ago when Tiscali bought the company for £100 million, there already 45,000 subscribers, so they have not done a very good job in keeping the customers that they have, so how are they going to get new customers?

The service has still not become a part of the larger range of services that the company offer, these delays have cost the company big time, but on a brighter note they do state this will be sorted out at some point next year.

A further problem for the company is the fact that BT Vision has not managed to take off yet and the same goes for the Orange UK IPTV service that has failed to appear, at the moment IPTV does really struggle to attract new customers.


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