Broadband expands in Europe

December 5, 2007

More and more Europeans are signing up to broadband, with over half of the population being online now using a high speed connection to the internet. In figures released by the EU statistical unit Eurostat, half of those who used the internet used it for search engines, fifteen per cent use the internet to make hone calls and thirteen per cent use it for file sharing (Peer to peer).

Of all the household in the EU the figure stands at 54% for the year, whereas the figure was 49% in 2006, its not just how many people are signed up to an ISP, internet use has risen too from 30% up to 42% which is a significant increase.

The country with the most users online is the Netherlands, with more than four out of five homes being connected, and the country with the lowest amount of users is EU newcomer Bulgaria, with just seven per cent.

Source [SF Gate]


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