BT Vision is on trial

December 6, 2007

Not to be left behind, BT is introducing a new service where customers will be able to download free films from the BT web based download shop. This service which will be known as BT Vision will be available to anyone, there is no need to be a BT customer either, so anyone regardless of which ISP that they use can join in the fun with BT Vision.

Naturally there is going to be a slight catch to being able to watch “Free” movies, because as we all know nothing in this life is free. The catch is the fact that BT will be using targeted advertising to meet the cost, how this is going to work is not entirely clear yet. But it believed that it will work along the same lines as Film Four.

Once the film has been downloaded it can be viewed at any time during 28 days, it can even be sent via email to friends etc, but they may have to agree to the terms etc. This is quite a good move for BT and should work out fine providing that they are able to offer the right films.


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