Sky TV under pressure from Ofcom

December 7, 2007

The battle for the airwaves continues, with BT, Setanta Sports and News, Top Up TV and Virgin Media urging the regulator Ofcom to look into the hold that BSkyB has over the UK’s pay per view market and that it should be referred to the competition commission.

It is argued that Sky TV have a hold over the market by the offers and incentives which means that Sky TV has control over the whole of the media from movies to sports events and that they control all of the leading market positions.

The main thing that will concern the consumer is that fact it is estimate that it is much more expensive to watch than other providers charge in Europe. BSkyB on the other hand claim that the group of competitors do understand the nature of pay per view and the whole basis of their claim is flawed.

Ofcom will make a decision on the issue soon.


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