BT to face possible fines

December 11, 2007

It would seem that the BT have not been compliant with an agreement between them and ofcom, this agreement is not because of the service that they are providing their customers with, but rather how they are allowing the competition to get a foothold onto the market place.

It was back in 2005 when they agreed to a list of requirements that would help the competition grow in a market that was dominated by BT, which is why the Openreach project was started.

There have been numerous complaints from ISP’s regarding the slow work on repairs to the broadband lines, in other words not completing repairs to the lines in a good time.

It is being proposed that Openreach will face some heavy fines if it fails to meet the required targets and the money resulting from these fines will be paid out to the various ISP’s that have been involved in the complaints.

One of the main points in question is speed, it has been noted that Openreach will be fine on the issue of speed; this will be become due should the speed fall below a certain agreed limit. However as you expect BT say that they are doing everything that has been laid out in the documentation anyhow, so even with the proactive payment system in place, they do not envisage paying out any more than before.

Source [PC Pro]


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