Orange sign with MGM

December 12, 2007

Orange have signed an agreement with the massive film producer Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios, this agreement is believed to be several years in length and will see Orange partnering MGM’s 24/24 video library, this will give access not only to some of the studios latest pieces of work, but to the archives are classic films too, which will be available through Oranges Video on Demand service.

The licence will mean that this service will be available in the UK very soon, well as soon as Orange get their act together, until then it will be available in France, Spain and Poland to anyone who subscribes to one of Oranges packages.

The films that will be available include recent releases like the latest James Bond film “Casino Royale” as well as other classics such as ‘Some like it Hot’, ‘Annie Hall’, ‘Silence of the Lambs’, ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’, ‘Rocky’ and ‘Platoon’.

In total there will around 3,000 films available for subscribers to view as well as other programming which is local to the country from where the subscriber is located. The estimated cost for “Hiring” a film is expected to be around €1 for a 24 hour rental.


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