Truphone enables free calls for Facebook users

December 12, 2007

Truphone has announced a softphone application for social networking site Facebook, which allows Facebook users and their friends to call each other free of charge.

The Truphone ‘Call Me’ application can be used by all Facebook members without the need for a Truphone account or special phone.

It features a moveable button which can be placed within Facebook messages, on friends’ ‘walls’ and in Facebook groups and discussion boards.

Users choose a number to attach to the ‘Call Me’ button, on which they wish to accept inbound calls. They can change the number at any time.

The number chosen must be either a Truphone mobile number, a US cellphone number, a landline number from a selection of 40 countries, a Google Talk identity, a Grand Central number of the number of any SIP phone.

Friends simply click on the ‘Call Me’ button and the call is placed via a softphone embedded in Facebook. There is no need for the person making the call to add their number to Facebook.

The ‘Call Me’ button can be set so that it is only visible to ‘friends’ and the phone number is never revealed.

Facebook users can use the ‘Call Me’ Button on their friends’ profiles for free for a limited period. They must then install the application themselves.

Facebook users can install the service by clicking ‘Add’ when they see a Truphone ‘Call Me’ Button on a friend’s profile. The service is also available via Facebook’s application directory.


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