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December 13, 2007

Telecom regulator plans out digital dividends

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by David Allen

Ofcom the UK telecoms regulator have been announcing some plans for the digital dividend. As a result of this dividend this has meant that the UHF spectrum will be due to be released, which is about a third of the capacity and is therefore extremely valuable.

Ofcom has identified the following services that would be suitable for use with the released spectrum:

Ultra-fast wireless broadband services;
Mobile television;
More digital terrestrial television channels in either standard or high-definition;
Local television;
Wireless microphones; and
Low-power applications developed from wi-fi.

This will open up a lot of services now, especially when it comes to mobile broadband services, and how this type of service can be combined with other services such as television.

Story link: Telecom regulator plans out digital dividends

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