BBC outlines iPlayer promotions

December 18, 2007

The news is coming out of the BBC at a fast rate regarding their newly updated iPlayer, which allows users to catch up on programmes that have been missed for one reason or another. With just over a week before the iPlayer is officially launched, the BBC are going to embark on a huge advertising campaign which will involve some the most famous people on the TV today.

To start off with they will be launching feature spots which will include clips from the most popular shows such as Top Gear, and there will be personalities including Jeremy Clarkson, Jo Whiley, and David Attenborough telling us about the iPlayer and how to use it.

The ads have been made and will begin airing soon, and as with any branding there has to be a short but quirky line which will grab everyone’s attention, the BBC iPlayer’s line is “Making the unmissable, unmissable” we will have to wait and see it that one works.


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