Rural areas missing out on internet improvements

December 28, 2007

There is some concern over the fact that businesses and communities in rural areas are missing out on broadband revolution that is going on at the moment. The concerns come from the governments own rural Tsar, Stuart Burgess who is Chairman if the Rural Communities Commission. He claims that there are some places in the UK that have worse coverage for mobile phones and broadband services than some regions of India.

This is having a dramatic effect on business which is not all farming and country pursuits there are some serious businesses in the rural areas of the UK, but due to the location etc they are missing out.

It is a sad fact that there are livelihoods being put at risk through no fault of their own, other than the fact that they happen to live in one particular area, nothing else. Stuart Burgess is urging the government to invest in the infrastructure of the UK.


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