Tiscali UK tops complaints

December 28, 2007

For the forth year running the ISP Tiscali UK have come top for complaints list compiled by ISPreview.co.uk, although they did state that the company were showing signs of improvement with over four hundred complaints with the companies worst feature being customer support, or in their case lack of customer support it would seem. Although there are other problems that Tiscali customers are feeling a little on edge about, such as connection problems, cancellation problems, incorrect billing and the company sending in debt connection agencies.

It is not all bad news for Tiscali, for Virgin Media are moving up league table, especially after the remote update failure the other week, so maybe Tiscali could find themselves knocked off the top by default.

But despite all of that, in a similar survey it was found that 46% of people asked were actually happy with their ISP and thought that they were great value for money.


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  1. Manon says:

    9th December 2008

    DON’T USE Tiscali. Their customer service is terrible….

    I’ve not been able to connect to the internet. I spent 2 hours on the phone with Tiscali and found their customer service to be absolutely awful. I was then told to contact BT who advised that there was nothing wrong with the line and that I should contact Tiscali. I called Tiscali back and after speaking to another incompetent customer service person, I asked to speak to a manager or supervisor. I was fobbed off and told that they were in a meeting.

    Tiscali is the worst company I’ve had dealings with and I regret using them in the first place.

    Don’t let their rates fool you.

    What a mess!

  2. Kynoch Lee says:

    I had some very bad experiences with TISCALI they Slammed me, tried to get my phone line back they blamed BT and BT said they Tiscal now had my number and until they released it there was nothing they could do. After approx 10 months of pulling my hair out amongst other things I finally got it back – Tiscali had denied any responsibilty for ther actions, and they never answered any of my letters, now they have been taken over by TalkTalk where can I get some redress – can anyone tell me, please.

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