Motorola to supply BT Vision

January 7, 2008

It seems that there are a few changes over at BT Vision first we have heard about them teaming up with Microsoft, and now they have changed the supplier of their set top boxes from Phillips whose set top box and connectivity solutions business was recently sold to Pace Micro Technology, to Motorola who will take over the position.

The Motorola equipment will consist of the V Box, which combines a DTT and IPTV tuner this will provide BT Visions customers with a choice of around forty free view TV channels and a 160 gb hard drive which could hold as much as around eighty hours of recorded material.

These planes are leading to BT Visions medium to long term plans which are to eventually have anything between two and three million subscribers for the service, which is a fair achievement if this can be done in their allotted timeframe.


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