HDTV theory is wrong

January 10, 2008

When the chairman of Microsoft, Bill Gates mentioned at the CES, that he believed that HDTV would be everywhere around the world within the next decade, this had some industry experts raise an eyebrow or two, could the great man be wrong about HDTV? He has been known to get some things wrong.

It seems that some people within the sector believe that the US is so far ahead in the development and deployment in HD, IPTV, HD programme choice and naturally consumer demand. In the US the industry is so competitive that these businesses need to be on top of their game.

Whereas in Europe there is only a limited HD service through both satellite and IPTV services, in the US the amount of HD channels is five or six times as many. It also has to be noted that the quality of the HD picture in Europe is not that much different to the standard TV picture. So in fact the rest of the world is about seven years behind the US.


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