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January 11, 2008

BT and Xbox not a great as we thought

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by David Allen

It seems that through all of the initial exciting a few things were forgotten, when the announcement was made on the partnership between BT and Microsoft over the Xbox 360.

It was initially believed that users would be able to get any live television streaming, and apparently there may not even be a digital video recorder added to the device either, so what is the big deal now?

The Xbox does have the ability to take an antenna, which mean that it will not be able to receive any signals via the aerial, so there is a need fro some sort of digital equipment, either satellite or cable, then you will be able to receive television programmes on the Xbox.

So much for that one, as for content BT have a large amount of content available, but a user will need to sign up on twelve contract to gain access.

Story link: BT and Xbox not a great as we thought

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