WiMax to cover the globe

January 15, 2008
WiMax to cover the globe

While we are talking about speeding up our broadband service, over in the States they are discussing the next step and if we in the UK are having problems with broadband, then WiMax is going blow our minds.

The talk of WiMax was all the rage at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which was held in Las Vegas. Wi-Fi and WiMax applications and hardware products were on show in abundance, but it is WiMax that has everyone’s attention.

WiMax is wireless internet, which is transmitted at very high speeds over greater distances, which could be miles depending on the location. There are some serious estimates that around 150 million people will be able to connect to WiMax by the end of the year. In the future it is entirely possible that the whole globe will be covered by WiMax.


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