Security Flaw In Xbox Accounts

January 16, 2008

Colin Fogle achieved extensive acclamation in the gaming world following placing a video online to demonstrate that it was achievable for a Halo 3 player to kill himself using his own rifle. This came to the attention of Bungie Studios, the creator of the shooter title, and Fogle was then given special armour acknowledging his achievement, along with world fame.

Afterwards, trouble started for Fogle, who admits his Xbox Live account has been hacked on at least three occasions. For the most part, the latest invasion appeared on December 29. Fogle realised that when he logged out of his account, he was not able to log back in.

The computer told him that his password did not match his user name. Whoever hacked his account was able to obtain his home address, credentials, and credit card number contained on the account. They were also able to access his Hotmail account that is tied to the Xbox account.

Microsoft has acknowledged that they are aware of the rise in Xbox accounts being hacked, but at the moment no changes have been implemented.


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