UK ISP’s have heads in sand

January 17, 2008
 UK ISP’s have heads in sand

For a long the UK has believed that they were ahead of the game in most things, and this is most things, but when it comes to the internet it is a totally different story with a variance of speeds and service etc, but the UK is not looking too good when it comes to broadband.

Even with a telecommunication regulator and minister in the cabinet they cannot or do not seem to be able to get any sort of agreement with the broadband industry.

As other countries around the world are steaming ahead with super fast broadband and even very effective wi-fi networks. In the UK there is talk about using optic fibres and yet in Japan around one third of the network is made up from optic fibre. It is Ofcom who stand accused of putting their heads in the sand, hoping that the industry will work it out for themselves.


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