UK will not see Wi-Max takeover

January 17, 2008
UK will not see Wi-Max takeover

In recent news there has been a move to bring Wi-Max to the front of the way that the internet is accessed, there is talk that one day a signal will be able to be picked up anywhere in the world, which would make communications in remote areas just as easy as if the user was in a town. The idea of this is very exciting and yet experts here in the UK are saying that we will probably not be using Wi-Max as a primary internet provider.

Instead we will be using a UK wide Wi-Fi hotspots as a way of connecting to the internet while out travelling around the country, this is because despite all of the claims about Wi-Max and how it cover the globe may be slightly exaggerated and that there are also problems with multiple users and the weather, so maybe Wi-Max is not going to be the way to go for the future.

One thing is for sure, all internet users need is fast and secure access to the internet, how that is delivered is a matter for the ISP’s.


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