BT wireless router could have flaws

January 22, 2008

BT wireless router could have flaws

The BT home hub is a very popular router with consumers, however it seems that it have a flaw which could lead to the customer being duped into handing over personal details such as banking and other information that could lead to identity theft.

The attack will start with the customers router being used for a VOIP call, and after manipulating the call can assume to be calling from a bank or other organisation, it is here where the personal details come in, they can assume to be a bank calling to confirm a few things and because the information will be from a trusted party.

Apparently this is going to be the next big thing that attackers will be trying to do, according to the hacking organisation GNUCitizen. BT is aware of this problem and has apparently just disabled the remote assistance feature, but this will not stop the hackers from being able to attempt a VIOP hijacking.


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