Tiscali looking to sell UK part

January 24, 2008

Tiscali looking to sell UK part

This is news that comes straight from the horse’s mouth, in this case the horses mouth is the overall boss of Tiscali, Tommaso Pompei. He believes that the market is such that the UK arm of their business is to be the likely target for a larger company to come along and pick up a bargain.

They been struggling themselves to keep up with the big boys such as Virgin Media, Carphone Warehouse and BT, although they did try to by acquiring Pipex and Video Networks.

But now they are faced with not being able to push forward as there are not many more targets for them to take and expand, but by failing to expand this leaves them open from attack from the like of those that they were trying to compete with in the first place.

It would seem that this prediction from the Tiscali boss is not due to come into fruition this year, but come 2009 and the chips will be down for Tiscali UK.


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