Digital TV blamed for advert increases

January 25, 2008
Digital TV blamed for advert increases

It seems that digital television just cannot stay out of the news these days, now it seems that there has been some research done into the viewing habits of people from the UK, by the Television marketing company Think Box, and by using the ratings figures as compiled by Barb, the ratings organisation.

The research claims that viewers in the UK are seeing around forty TV adverts on an average day during the last year; they go further to say that adverts were watched by viewers 2.25 billion times during 2007!

It is digital television that is blamed for this huge increase in adverts, as they need to sell more advertising in order to keep the channels funded, and prove this point it has been worked out that viewers are watching eleven minutes more of commercial related programming than they did ten years ago. Even young viewers who are increasing switching to online programming are seeing more adverts.


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