Virgin to speed up

January 28, 2008

Virgin to speed up

Increasing the top speed of their broadband to up to 50 Mb would for many Virgin Media customers leave them saying “Its about time” and of everyone else they would be thinking “What about us?” but Virgin Media once again are moving forward, following the trails that they held in the towns of Ashford, Dover and Folkestone in Kent.

The trials were of the new 50 Mb service, their current top speed is only 20 Mb but within months work will begin in rolling this out and by the end of the year this service is expected to be available to over nine million homes. The company’s subscribers will be getting a free upgrade should they wish to sign up for this new and improved service.

It is estimated that 50 Mb will enable a music download to be completed in seconds, an album in a minute and a complete TV show in around five minutes, however there has been some serious irregularities found with Virgin Media’s speed claims, it is believed that around half of their subscribers only receive half the advertised speed.


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