YouTube to be seen on millions more phones

January 28, 2008
YouTube to be seen on millions more phones

The ever popular YouTube video site is about to make available its huge visual library on millions more mobile phones.

As part of ambitious new plans, the company, which is part of the Google group, intends to widen service to provide access to seventeen countries and in eleven languages.

The company says it will be increasing its service from just what it calls ‘a handful of mobile phones’ to a wide range of mobile devices that are currently used by in excess of 100 million people around the globe.

YouTube’s mobile-product manager, Dwipal Desai said: “It’s basically the full YouTube experience you can get on the desktop — on the phone,” and “We expect it to get fairly popular, from our past experiences.”

The online video leader currently offers full mobile video service to consumers, who own Apple’s iPhone technology and a small number of consumers on Helio, a US wireless system that is geared to young, tech-savvy clients.

Another much smaller version of YouTube that has only selected clips is currently available to clients of Verizon mobile service in the US.

Desai has also stated: “that most of the phones sold by Verizon would not support the full-fledged streaming service and that it is not yet clear when this might change.”

Youtube is also currently beta testing some software that will make it more practical for clients to upload videos from their phones, directly to YouTube; the company believes that this new technology, will allow people to easily document happenings, in their daily lives.

Desai failed to expand on just how YouTube intends to make money from this venture. Traditionally, YouTube and other Google owned services have waited until they have reached a large, and dedicated audience, before introducing advertising.

This notion was backed up by Desai, who said: “Right now, we are focused on building a user base on alternative screens, and we’ll look at monetisation in the future.”


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