Problems for free music site

January 30, 2008

Problems for free music site

It promised to be the next gen in music downloads, Qtrax is supposed to be the first website that will offer unlimited and more importantly free music. But somehow they found themselves being plagued with problems.

The website is reputedly to have over twenty five million tracks all ready to be downloaded at no cost to the user, but despite all of the promises the site remained offline due a complaint from Warner Music, who claim that they had not given authorisation for their artists such as James Blunt, Linkin Park and The White Stripes to be used, naturally this has caused some problems for the site which is why they have not had the grand opening.

According to Tax they do not have an agreement with the record company yet, they are on the verge of signing the deal, and it seems that they just simply got their dates mixed up.


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