Orange has 14% VoIP market share in Europe

January 31, 2008

Recent research into VoIP retail consumer offers shows that the three largest VoIP providers in Western Europe are Orange, Neuf Cegetel and Free.

Neuf Cegetel and Free operate in France. Livebox from Orange is also active in the Netherlands, Spain and the UK, in addition to France.

InfoCom’s research shows that Orange had 3.57 million VoIP customers in these four countries in June 2007. In addition, there are 71,000 VoIP subscribers in Poland. As the largest VoIP provider in Western Europe, Orange has an estimated 14% market share.

Following Neuf Cegetel and Free, are BT and United Internet. All the main providers base their VoIP service mainly on DSL rather than on cable modem.

The other main pan-European provider is Skype. However, its core VoIP services are only PC-to-PC services, and generally consumers do not use Skype, Google or MSN VoIP services as their main phone line in place of their traditional telephone line.

InfoCom’s report, ‘Voip Consumer Retail Offers: A Study For Western Europe, January 2008’ illustrates the existing regulation, the main providers, with their market share, the service offers, with pricing benchmarking, usage development and market drivers and obstacles, with potential assessment and forecasts.

InfoCom is a market research and consultancy company with more than 20 years’ experience providing strategic analyses and planning assistance to stakeholders in the telecommunications, IT and multimedia industries.


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