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February 1, 2008

Ofcom’s HDTV plans under fire

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by David Allen
<br />
Ofcom’s HDTV plans under fire<br />

Dermot Nolan the new director of the Digital TV group (DTG) has been voicing his opinions on the upcoming proposals from the telecommunications regulator Ofcom, he feels that the plans will lead to what can only be described as a two or three tier system of HDTV.

Apparently there is no real national strategy for HDTV, as it seems to be coming along on its own momentum, which is why the DTG are calling for some sort of overall plan that will ensure that the roll out of more programming coming out in HD but calls for a lower quality for the terrestrial channels.

The problem is that HDTV is available widely abroad and not just as TV, it can be found in DVD, games and satellite, but the worries here is that if Ofcom go with the lower quality version of HDTV, which will run at about half the rate as normal HDTV, this is going to cause a rift between those who have HDTV and those that have the lower version.

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