Sky Plus in 3.1 million homes

February 6, 2008
Sky Plus in 3.1 million homes

Despite the rumours that the subscriber growth is slowly Sky TV are offering figures that show the contrary with a 434,000 increase in the past three months alone.

The ability to record and pause live TV is proving a massive success for Sky who introduced the system to the UK almost five years ago, and now Sky say that there is around fifteen per cent of UK homes having a digital recorder, which is slowly but surely catching up with the US where the take up there is around twenty five per cent.

The take up of the Sky Plus device has increased due to the cancellation of the £10 per month extra, that the company used to charge, however the figure bolster Sky’s dominance of the digital TV market, as Virgin Media have almost the same amount of subscribers for their cable TV service as there are Sky Plus subscribers, while there are only 190,000 sign ups for the Virgin Media digital recorder.


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