BSkyB has peaked on broadband investment. but more sports on the way.

February 7, 2008
BSkyB has peaked on broadband investment

BSkyB has reached its investment peak in the area of broadband, the high price paid for a meal league football rights as court profits to £295 million for the first half of their financial year.

The number of people canceling, their subscriptions, which was running at 11%, has fallen because of BSkyB cutting back the discounts. It offered. Thus discouraging customers switching from rivals, and then switching again searching for the best promotional deal.

The number of new clients paying full price for subscriptions has increased 300%, increasing income per customer to rise by 7%. Overall, there were 385,000 new customers, added to the client base.

Company boss Jeremy Darroch said that “We’ve eliminated ‘offer riders’ from the base and If we are going to go into a period where the consumer economy is more challenging [we don’t want] a lot of customers on a deal.”

BSkyB’s premiership league games contract, was watered down, by her being forced to share the rights with, Setanta Sports. Nevertheless, Mr. Darroch said, “In terms of interest in the platform and viewer ship it is as strong as ever,”

He also said that BSkyB would continue to broaden its range of sporting events, pointing to its recent darts match that attracted a record 4.3 million viewers. He said, “You wouldn’t want to be overly exposed to one individual package [and] sports fans like a breadth of content,”

He also said that within three weeks. The company would have to decide whether or not; it will appeal against a government ruling that they must sell most of its stake in ITV


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