BT unhappy with returns for Openreach

February 7, 2008
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BT unhappy with returns for <a title=Openreach

When the Openreach department was opened by BT so that they could organise the exchanges in such a way that other providers could use the lines, it was hailed as breakthrough in the telecommunications sector.

However when this was first discussed BT was promised a ten per cent return on its investment on the network, but as this is not happening they have been in contact with the regulator Ofcom in order to find a way that they can get the ten per cent return.

This has not gone done well with the other providers who may have to pay more to BT; this additional cost will then have to be passed onto the customers. It is estimated that the additional cost could mean that an extra £3 per month may be added to internet packages provided by other ISP’s, which could cause some problems in the future for the likes of Tiscali and Carphone Warehouse.

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