ESA & EEA Team Up On Pollution Control.

February 7, 2008

ESA & EEA Team Up On Pollution Control

An agreement has been reached to provide unparalleled information on air pollution. The European Environment Agency, in agreement with an European Space Agency (ESA)-led consortium, agreed upon the former using a service which takes satellite data via surface measures for 29 European countries, combines and processes it, and then delivers daily reports on air quality which is planned to support the European air-quality policies.

The ‘Integrated Air Quality Platform for Europe’ service, is part of ESA GMES’s (Global Monitoring for the Environment and Security) project, called PROMOTE (PROtocol MOniToring for the GMES Service Element), and is currently providing forecasts for up to 72 hours at a resolution of 50 km. The service currently provides date on particulate matter (the total of all particles in the air), ozone, and nitrogen dioxide.


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