BBC Three’s change of direction

February 8, 2008
BBC Three’s change of direction

It would appear that BBC Three is being taken into a new direction, which is hardly a surprise with new management on board. When thirty four year old Danny Cohen took the helm it was unclear how he would begin to make any sweeping changes on the channel that seemed to be aimed at no particular market at all.

But it seems that he had a plan and that was to go after the market that Channel Four enjoys, this is typically the 16 to 34 year olds, who prefer a different type of programming and indeed access too.

He has a £83 million a year budget but the channel only achieves at the moment around one per cent of the digital viewers, which is why he is bringing in some down to earth and new programming which is what viewers in that age group are looking for. This coupled with the integration of the internet will no doubt attract the younger viewer and increase the percentage.


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