Britons will sit down to even more hours of TV

February 8, 2008
Britons will sit down to even more hours of TV

Research Company Attentional, are predicting that the total amount of television viewing in the UK, is liable to rise by over 4%, during the next 5 years. Attentional claims that the amount of TV viewed will continue to climb, as older audiences adapt to multichannel TV services, and also younger viewers, getting slightly older, and moving away from games, and computers, to spend slightly more time in front of the box.

The companies forecasters, claim that the downturn in daytime TV viewing among the young adult audience, ages 16 to 34, is now levelling out. Broadcasting companies have also been targeting younger audiences, with catch up viewing, via online, on demand, services in an effort to move them back in front of the TV.

Immigration of young people in the same age group, officially pegged at five and a half percent will also soon be reflected in television viewing figure increases, over the next five years.

There is one group that are expected to watch less TV. That is the younger audience, kids aged four to fifteen, which has been sliding for several years, and is expected to decrease by another 4%, over the next 5 years.



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