Are broadband users scared to switch?

February 12, 2008

Are broadband users scared to switch?

It has been estimated that around a third of all broadband users stay with their current supplier simply because they believe that the actual process of switch is far to complicated and could even result in them ending up with no internet at all for a period of time.

It is now a year since the introduction by Ofcom of the Migration Authorisation Code (MAC) which is supposed to speed the whole transfer over, but this has not impressed some consumers who still believe that they will be caught up in some sort of battle between the two ISP’s.

Customers feel that even when the contract period is up, it is still too much to ask the ISP to cancel as some require a letter and other verbal, the whole process should be unified so that everyone knows exactly what they are doing, if this were the case as it is with the landline telephone service then maybe more people would be switching from time to time.


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