IndigoVision IP-CCTV tested in IKEA’s Grenoble store

February 13, 2008

IKEA, the Swedish-based home furnishing retail group, invests heavily in CCTV technology in its stores to ensure that customers and staff are safe and secure at all times.

IKEA France has invested in IndigoVision’s complete IP Video solution for CCTV surveillance in its new flagship store in Grenoble. The new store, which opened in October 2007, is seen as a test site for the adoption of IP-CCTV for other new IKEA stores in France.

The 36-camera system was installed by IndigoVision’s local partner Concept Maintenance and is an ideal solution for stores such as IKEA where network density is very high.

IndigoVision’s advanced compression technology allows the entire IP Video system to operate on the store’s existing LAN with minimal impact on network bandwidth. The IKEA network supports Power-over-Ethernet, which allows any new IP cameras to be connected directly to the network via a single CAT-5 cable. This provides a very scalable and cost-effective solution for future expansion.

The IndigoVision solution was chosen by IKEA partly because of its image quality and ease of use of ‘Control Center’, which is IndigoVision’s IP Video and alarm management software. The security operators required no more than two hours of training to fully operate the system.

A single ‘Control Center’ workstation is located in the security control room where the operators view live video only. A second ‘Control Center’ workstation is located in the IT room where the Security Manager can view both live and recorded video, as only management is allowed to view recorded footage.

Three IndigoVision standalone Network Video Recorders provide 15 days of continuous recordings from all cameras.


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