Internet Security Awareness Forum launched

Janet Harris

February 14, 2008

Internet Security Awareness Forum launched

A new organisation, the Internet Security Awareness Forum (Isaf), was recently launched at the British Computer Society (BCS) in London.

Isaf will aim to promote the need to be aware of online security, following a large number of major security breaches in 2007, many of which could have been avoided.

These resulted in a large amount of personal data being lost – HMRC, for example, lost 25 million personal details.

Isaf will be an umbrella organisation for groups such as BCS, Eurim, Get Safe Online.

It will aim to promote awareness about information security among government agencies, corporations, small businesses and individuals.

Isaf will try to change people’s behaviour so that they consider how their actions will affect security, before they actually take an action.

The organisation hopes to publish a “guide for directors on information security” by the end of April. It will collaborate with web-safety campaign Get Safe Online, in order to promote security awareness in small businesses and for consumers.


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