Freeview disappoints more people

February 15, 2008
Freeview disappoints more people

The UK’s Freeview service continues to disappoint viewers all around the country, some households being able to get just the four main channels, while other places cannot get anything at all. The management at Freeview this week announced that viewers in Morpeth will not be getting the full range of channels for four years.

At the moment those households in the town can only get BBC1, BBC2, ITV and Channel Four on their set top boxes where other places in the UK can get over twenty channels. This is not unusual as it is estimated that there could be millions of households throughout the UK who are unable to receive anything through Freeview. This is because there are 1,150 transmitters in the UK, but only 80 are being used to send out the Freeview signal.

These complaints are set to continue as people who are interested in receiving Freeview go out and buy a set top box only to find that they cannot get it in their area, this will continue to happen right up until the complete switchover has been done in 2012.


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  1. Shane Carter says:

    Here in Derby we have been able to recieve freeview for some time but have major problems with reception whenever the weather takes a turn for the worse.
    I had to visit family in Nottingham recently to check their wiring and discovered that they suffer the exact same problem.
    It appears that we have substituted a basic reception system that sufficed for one that is very much a hit or miss affair. If this issue cannot be sorted out soon I suspect that the BBC will eventually lose its market share.

  2. Mr P Watmough says:

    Freeview is a total shambles their so called engineers hide and can not be contacted. The phone help service is a JOKE they are NOT technical and only can read a check list.
    There are numerous problems too many to list but here are 4. 1/ Some viewers are now receiving 2 signals in this area Waltham and Belmont result this just crashes the free view boxes, this is since the increase of output power.No retuning will resolve the problem. 2/ Intermittant loss of sound about 2 seconds. This happens on all channels.
    3/ Some channels are still on low power.
    4/ Some areas which were advertised as Waltham are now Nottingham transmitter WHY ? To use Nottingham this requires an aerial change also Nottingham is VERTICAL polorised WHO PAYS FOR THIS ??

  3. Mr P Watmough says:

    Why is the quality of freeview (lack of bandwidth) so poor compared with analogue. Answer please

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