Inuk doubles viewing figures

February 15, 2008
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Inuk doubles viewing figures<br />

The Freewire service run by Inuk has almost doubled its viewers in the UK to more than forty thousand. This growth is suspected to have come from the deals that the company have been doing with more than forty universities. This is where the company provide a package of services such as phone, broadband and television through its secure closed IP system, which is fed straight into student’s bedrooms.

This improvement in sign ups effectively puts them well ahead of Tiscali who have an IPTV user base of around 36,000, but well below that of BT Vision who are right at the top of the IPTV tree with over 150,000 subscribers, although their service is not strictly a pure IPTV service as it is considered a digital terrestrial IPTV hybrid.

These figures give the company a good foothold to launch their new partnership with Cable and Wireless, with this they will be able to push their IPTV to almost every home in the country, and with the digital switch currently taking place there will not be a better time for them capitalise.


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