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February 18, 2008

Yoggie launches Firestick Pico USB firewall

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by Jan Harris

Yoggie Security Systems has launched the Firestick Pico, a memory-stick sized USB device with a Linux-based firewall.

For £60 inc VAT, the Yoggie Firestick Pico provides a full-featured firewall. It provides stateful inspection packet filtering, DoS/DDoS attack detection and prevention, Syn Flood attack detection and prevention and Port Scan and ICMP attack detection and prevention.

The ultra-portable device is designed to enhance security for mobile workers who often connect to wireless hotspots and other public networks. The device comes with Kaspersky’s antivirus suite included.

Pico’s Firestick works by placing a physical barrier between PCs and the Internet, stopping threats reaching the computer, including denial of service attacks and buffer overflow.

The device is a Linux-based 300 MHz computer with a dual flash memory mechanism which acts as an “untouchable operating system” running an independent firewall application.

Story link: Yoggie launches Firestick Pico USB firewall

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