Elonex £99 laptop

February 19, 2008
Elonex £99 laptop

Starting next week students will be able to purchase the £99/$200 Elonex brand laptop, the new laptop will be available for the first time at ‘The Education Show’ from 28th February until March 1st in Birmingham UK.

The new laptop called ‘The One’ will utilise the Linux system, with a 1 gigabyte hard drive (flash based) and a 7 inch screen, it also has a rubberised keyboard, which can be separated from the main laptop to turn it into a tablet PC. the units will also feature wireless access.

Elonex marketing boss Sam Goult said of the new laptop: “The One removes the cost barrier that has prevented the one-laptop-per-person, large-scale uptake of computers in the education system that has for so long been just a pipe-dream. Investment in digital technology is paramount to help the next generation achieve their full potential,”

There will also be available; a wristband mounted digital USB with the option of up to an additional 8 gigabytes of memory. There will be a second version of the laptop that will have Bluetooth capability as an optional extra.


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