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February 19, 2008

Orange to sell the HTC Shift

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by David Allen
<br />
Orange to sell the HTC Shift<br />

By the end of this month Orange will be the only company offering the new HTC Shift, which is one of the small computers that is classed as something between a laptop and PDA, this make it very useful for people who travel around or are always working on the road, because of its size it can be used almost anywhere.

But there is a slight sting in the tail of this mini laptop; the price tag is going to be set at around £1,000! Which in anyone’s idea of value is expensive, and when compared to the latest laptops this really has a battle on it hands.

The Shift has a small seven inch screen and full keyboard. It runs on Vista Business, and will allow the user to view email, SMS, contacts and calendar without having to open the windows system. There is also Microsoft Office installed, which is great for creating documents while on the go, but there is the 3G connection and 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi which will get the machine on line as and when necessary.

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