The average broadband speed is under 3 Mbps

February 20, 2008
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The average broadband speed is under 3 Mbps<br />

Most broadband subscribers believe that their internet connection speed is much higher than it really is, but according to research carried out by 18,558 tests that have been carried out on broadband connections just to see exactly what the true speed is.

Despite users feeling that their 8 Mb is good enough for all that they require, then they may be surprised to find out that the average broadband connection speed is being calculated at around 2.95 Mbps, which is shockingly slow and most user would be very disappointed to find out that their 8 Mb connection is really less than half of that.

It is a huge problem for the industry and the consumer as to what to do about this, on the one hand there are the subscribers who feel that they are being conned and the industry who are under pressure to increase speed.


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  1. Roger Humm says:

    I live in rural Devon and enjoy speeds of around 5Mbs from BT Broadband
    Is the data used for this report up to date? Surely if the average was calculated including city residential and business users it would be much higher that this.

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